10 Best Places to Visit in Colorado in March: Unforgettable Trip Ideas

loveland pass during spring time in colorado

Discovering the best places to visit in Colorado in March is like unearthing a secret trove of outdoor delights.

From towering snow-capped peaks to the first signs of spring’s bloom, the state bursts with life during this transition month. Join us as we unveil the top 10 destinations in Colorado that will thrill any outdoor enthusiast.

Prepare to be wowed, captivated, and inspired to pack your hiking boots!

Why Visit Colorado in March

The Magic of March Weather

Let’s be real, the weather in Colorado during March is a dream come true. The winter chill begins to subside, making way for milder temperatures. It’s the perfect weather for those who want to enjoy snow sports without freezing and for those who prefer exploring cities without the scorching summer heat.

Off-Peak Tourist Season Perks

March also falls into the ‘shoulder season’ for tourism in Colorado. This means fewer crowds, better deals on accommodations, and more undisturbed nature to appreciate. Imagine having a hiking trail all to yourself or scoring a hotel room with jaw-dropping views at a fraction of the peak season price.

March Festivals and Events

Colorado isn’t just about picturesque landscapes, it also boasts a rich cultural scene, particularly in March. From the Denver March Powwow, a massive indoor American Indian festival, to the Frozen Dead Guy Days in Nederland, there’s a festival or event to cater to all tastes.

1. Rocky Mountain National Park

Explore the Majestic Rockies: A Great Trip for Nature Lovers

Rocky Mountain National Park

The Rocky Mountain National Park is not just a must-visit location in Colorado—it’s a rite of passage for any nature lover. From the iconic Longs Peak to the ethereal beauty of Bear Lake, the park’s landscape is a feast for the eyes.

March is a fantastic time for wildlife spotting, with animals like elk and moose being particularly active. And if you’re up for an adventure, consider a hike on the Emerald Lake Trail. It’s relatively short, but the payoff of reaching the stunning frozen lake is worth every step. Remember, the weather can be changeable in March, so pack layers and check conditions before you set off.

Pro Travel Tip: Take a guided tour to learn about the park’s unique ecology and history.

2. Denver

Best Places to Visit for a Vibrant City Experience

denver skyline

Unleash your inner culture vulture in the bustling city of Denver. The city’s vibrant cultural scene is sure to keep you entertained. One can’t miss the Denver Art Museum, an architectural marvel housing a diverse collection ranging from Native American art to contemporary exhibits. Another oasis in the city is the Denver Botanic Gardens, a breath of fresh air with its exotic plants and serene setting.

In March, Denver hosts the famous Denver March Powwow, one of the largest events of its kind in the country. Imagine three days filled with the rich traditions of the American Indian tribes, including dance competitions, storytelling, and plenty of food.

Pro Travel Tip: Try to catch a show at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. The natural acoustics of this open-air venue make it a unique place to watch a concert.

3. Aspen

A Premier Destination for Skiers and Travel Enthusiasts

aspen colorado skyline

Aspen isn’t just a winter wonderland, it’s a town that knows how to embrace every season. March is still ski season in Aspen, so if you’re itching to hit the slopes, this is the perfect destination. Aspen Snowmass, a massive ski resort with more than 3000 acres of skiable terrain, is not to be missed.

But Aspen is not all about skiing. The Aspen Art Museum showcases innovative contemporary art, and the Wheeler Opera House is a historic venue hosting music and theatre performances.

Pro Travel Tip: For dining, try the White House Tavern, a cozy spot with a delicious menu.

4. Great Sand Dunes National Park

Unique Landscapes Await: Explore Great Sand Dunes Park for an Unforgettable Visit

Great Sand Dunes National Park sunset

Great Sand Dunes National Park is a sight to behold. Imagine the highest sand dunes in North America set against a backdrop of snow-capped mountains. That’s exactly what you’ll find here.

March is a particularly good time to visit as the temperatures are comfortable for hiking. You might even try sandboarding or sand sledding, unique activities that are as fun as they sound.

Pro Travel Tip: Check the wind conditions before you go. High winds can make the dunes uncomfortable to explore.

5. Boulder

Combining Outdoor Activities with a Quaint Vacation Feel

boulder colorado flatirons

Nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Boulder is a city that will steal your heart with its charming downtown and vibrant food scene. Be sure to take a stroll down the Pearl Street Mall, a pedestrian-friendly street filled with unique shops, great restaurants, and live street performers.

In March, you can enjoy outdoor activities like exploring the Boulder Creek Path, a beautiful trail following the creek right through the town. The Boulder Farmers Market also opens up in March, offering a variety of local produce, fresh flowers, and homemade goodies.

Pro Travel Tip: If you’re into climbing, check out the iconic Flatirons. They’re not just a sight to see but also a favorite among local climbers!

6. Colorado Springs

Spectacular Views and Springs: A Must-Visit Destination in Colorado

garden of the gods colorado springs

This city is blessed with a rich tapestry of natural attractions, including the stunning Garden of the Gods, a public park featuring dramatic sandstone formations. Another iconic attraction is Pikes Peak, offering panoramic views from its summit.

Don’t miss the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, a cultural hub of art, theatre, and music that holds a world-class collection of American and Southwest art. The Broadmoor, a historic resort, is also worth a visit.

Pro Travel Tip: Take a scenic drive on the Pikes Peak Highway, which offers breathtaking views.

7. Mesa Verde National Park

Ancient Wonders in Mesa Verde: A Top Colorado Park to Explore History and Nature

Cliff Palace Mesa Verde National Park

Step back in time at the Mesa Verde National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that offers an unparalleled opportunity to see and experience the life of the Ancestral Pueblo people. The cliff dwellings are remarkably well-preserved and intriguing to explore.

Although some tours may be limited during March, self-guided tours of sites like the Step House on Wetherill Mesa are usually available.

Pro Travel Tip: The weather can be unpredictable in March, so dress in layers and be prepared for changing conditions.

8. Durango

Explore the Best Places for Adventure and Culture in Colorado

durango colorado at night with the la plata mountains in the background

Durango, with its historic downtown and the famous Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, is a town that feels like a step back in time. In March, outdoor activities such as horseback riding and fishing are popular as the weather begins to warm up.

The Durango Arts Center is a hub for contemporary visual and performing arts. For dining, the Ore House, one of Durango’s oldest restaurants, serves up excellent steaks in a rustic setting.

Pro Travel Tip: For a unique experience, try a horse-drawn carriage ride through downtown Durango.

9. Telluride

A Mountain Paradise for Skiers and Scenic Beauty Seekers

Telluride Colorado

Telluride is a former Victorian mining town in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. It’s primarily known for its ski resort and numerous trails. In March, skiing conditions are often excellent with plenty of sunshine.

When you’re not on the slopes, explore the Telluride Historical Museum, which provides insights into the area’s Ute heritage, mining history, and skiing legacy. A free gondola connects Telluride to Mountain Village, a neighboring resort town, and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks.

Pro Travel Tip: Visit in late March to experience the annual Telluride Blues & Brews Festival.

10. Fort Collins

Craft Beer and Natural Beauty: Why Fort Collins is a Top Place to Go in Colorado in March

Fort Collins Colorado Latter-Day Saint Temple

Fort Collins, home to Colorado State University, has a youthful energy that can be felt in its buzzing craft beer scene. With over 20 breweries, it’s the perfect destination for beer lovers. In March, try a tour at breweries like Odell or New Belgium, where you can sample seasonal brews.

In your downtime, visit Horsetooth Reservoir, perfect for hiking, and boating, or stroll through the Old Town historic district with its 19th-century buildings.

Pro Travel Tip: Don’t miss the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery with interactive exhibits on science, history, and culture.


Whether you’re a nature lover, a foodie, an adventurer, or a history buff, Colorado has something for you. March offers a unique blend of winter fun and the first whispers of spring, making it an excellent time to visit.

From the heights of the Rocky Mountains to the depth of history in Mesa Verde, Colorado is waiting to amaze you. So pack your bags, bring your sense of adventure, and experience the magic of Colorado in March.

I hope this exploration has helped you plan your own Colorado adventure. Remember, these are just some highlights – there’s a lot more to discover!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the weather like in Colorado in March?

In March, Colorado starts transitioning from winter to spring. While the high mountains may still experience heavy snowfall, the lower regions begin to warm up, with temperatures ranging from mid-40s to low 60s degrees Fahrenheit.

Is it a good time to visit Colorado in March?

Absolutely! March is an excellent time to visit Colorado. It’s considered the off-peak season, so you can enjoy lesser crowds, discounted accommodation rates, and various outdoor activities, from winter sports to early spring hiking.

Can I go skiing in Colorado in March?

Yes, you can. March is typically a great time for skiing in Colorado. Resorts like Aspen and Telluride still have plenty of snow, and the milder weather often makes for a more comfortable skiing experience.

What are some notable events in Colorado in March?

March in Colorado is rich with cultural events, such as the Denver March Powwow and the Frozen Dead Guy Days in Nederland. There are also spring skiing festivals in various ski resorts.

Are national parks in Colorado open in March?

Yes, national parks in Colorado are open year-round, and March is no exception. Parks like Rocky Mountain National Park and Mesa Verde National Park offer unique winter-to-spring transition views, though some services and roads might be limited due to weather conditions.

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