10 Best Places to Visit in Chile for First-Time Visitors

santiago chile cityscape with mountains in the background

Looking for the best places to visit in Chile? You’re in for an adventure of a lifetime!

Chile, with its diverse landscapes and vibrant culture, is a treasure trove for explorers. Buckle up as we whisk you away on a whirlwind tour of Chile’s unmissable spots.

Ready? Let’s get started!

1. Santiago

plaza de armas santiago chile

Santiago, the heart and soul of Chile, hums with an energetic vibe that is as palpable as the Andean backdrop that frames this bustling city. Venture through its pulsating streets, and you’ll find yourself enthralled by its fusion of the old and new.

Among its labyrinth of alleys, you’ll stumble upon La Moneda Palace, a site that tells a thousand tales of Chile’s turbulent political past. Contrast this with the relaxing serenity atop Cerro San Cristobal, where a panoramic view of the city awaits those who dare to climb its heights. As twilight descends, the lights from the city flicker like stars beneath you – a sight that has to be seen to be believed.

Pro Travel Tip: Make sure to visit the local markets of Santiago to taste authentic Chilean cuisine, from the traditional Empanadas to the refreshing Mote con Huesillo.

2. Valparaíso

view of beach and city in Valparaíso vina del mar chile

Next on our list is the radiant city of Valparaíso. Sitting pretty on the coast, Valparaíso is a testament to Chile’s artistic spirit. It’s a canvas painted with the vibrant hues of street art, a place where every wall has a story to tell.

Take a leisurely stroll through its historic quarter, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where architectural marvels are juxtaposed with the spontaneity of street art. Don’t miss La Sebastiana, the former residence of Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda, which now stands as a museum dedicated to his life and work.

Pro Travel Tip: Remember to take the century-old funiculars for a picturesque view of the city’s colorful hillside homes.

3. Atacama Desert

flamingos in a lake at Atacama Desert Chile

We now move from the city’s hustle and bustle to the silence of the Atacama Desert, a place so tranquil, you can hear the stars whisper. Known as the driest place on Earth, Atacama is a haven for stargazers, its dark skies providing a blanket for the cosmos to reveal its secrets.

Don’t forget to explore Valle de la Luna, an otherworldly landscape that will make you feel like a space explorer on an alien planet. And the El Tatio geysers? Their steamy eruptions at dawn are a sight that will remain etched in your memory forever.

Pro Travel Tip: Pack a warm jacket. Temperatures can plummet after sunset, especially when you’re stargazing.

4. Patagonia & Torres del Paine

Patagonia ice field in cordillera del paine chile

Our next stop takes us to the southernmost region of Chile, Patagonia. It is a pristine wilderness, a symphony of crystal-blue icebergs, vast steppe-like plains, and towering mountains that seemingly scrape the sky. In the heart of this land lies the crown jewel, Torres del Paine National Park.

Home to the iconic granite towers from which it derives its name, the park offers trails winding through landscapes that shift from emerald forests to glacial lakes. The sight of the park’s massive glaciers and the chance to spot majestic creatures like the Andean condor or the elusive puma make this place a haven for hikers and wildlife enthusiasts alike.

Pro Travel Tip: Weather in Patagonia can be unpredictable. Pack rain gear and dress in layers for your visit to Torres del Paine.

5. Easter Island

moai of easter island chile

Now let’s embark on a voyage into the Pacific, to the secluded shores of Easter Island. Known as “Rapa Nui” to its earliest inhabitants, this island echoes the whispers of a civilization lost to time.

The island’s iconic moai statues, with their oversized heads and broad shoulders, have fascinated visitors and researchers for centuries. Each statue is a silent testament to the Rapa Nui people’s ingenuity and determination. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture by attending a traditional dance performance or festival.

Pro Travel Tip: Easter Island is remote, so plan ahead. There’s one flight a day from Santiago, and it’s the only way on or off the island.

6. Pucón

villarrica volcano viewed from pucon chile

Next, we journey back to the Chilean mainland and to the adventurer’s paradise of Pucón. Nestled in the heart of the Lake District, Pucón is a playground for those who crave outdoor adventure.

The highlight is undoubtedly the chance to ascend the Villarrica Volcano, one of Chile’s most active volcanoes. After a challenging climb, you’re rewarded with an unparalleled view of the surrounding landscape. For some relaxation, the area’s hot springs are the perfect antidote to soothe your body after a day of adventure.

Pro Travel Tip: A guided tour is the safest way to hike up the Villarrica Volcano due to its active nature.

7. Chiloé Island

Chiloe Island in Chile

We now find ourselves on the enchanting shores of Chiloé Island, a place where myth and reality merge, creating a world that’s uniquely magical. Chiloé’s rich folklore resonates through its local life, characterized by tales of mythical creatures and maritime legends.

Historical wooden churches declared as UNESCO World Heritage Sites dot the landscape with their rustic charm adding to the island’s allure. Don’t forget to explore the Chiloé National Park, where nature unfurls in all its pristine glory. As for gastronomy, seafood is the star here, with local curanto being a must-try.

Pro Travel Tip: Consider hiring a local guide to enrich your understanding of the island’s folklore and history.

8. Wine Valleys: Colchagua and Casablanca

casablanca valley winery in chile with roses

Our next destination is a toast to Chile’s renowned wine regions, Colchagua and Casablanca valleys. Nestled between the cool coast and warm interior, these regions provide the perfect terroir for cultivating a diverse array of grape varieties.

In Colchagua, you can indulge in full-bodied reds like Carmenere and Cabernet Sauvignon. Casablanca, with its cooler coastal climate, is known for its crisp Sauvignon Blanc and elegant Pinot Noir. Embark on a vineyard tour, learn about the wine-making process, and of course, indulge in some exquisite wine tasting.

Pro Travel Tip: Consider staying overnight in a vineyard to fully immerse yourself in the wine experience.

9. The Penguin Colonies of Punta Arenas

penguin walking in isla magdalena punta arenas

Punta Arenas, on the Strait of Magellan, is our gateway to a unique wildlife experience – visiting the region’s penguin colonies. Isla Magdalena hosts one of the largest penguin colonies in southern Chile, with over 60,000 breeding pairs of Magellanic penguins.

Board a ferry to the island, and watch these adorable creatures waddle and squawk around in their natural habitat. It’s a sight that’s as entertaining as it is heartwarming. While in Punta Arenas, also consider visiting the Nao Victoria Museum, where you can explore replicas of historic ships.

Pro Travel Tip: Remember to respect wildlife guidelines, maintain a safe distance, and avoid causing any disturbance to the penguins.

10. The Lauca National Park

sunset view at Lauca National Park

For our final destination, we ascend to the Andean highlands to Lauca National Park. Stretching over 1,379 square kilometers and boasting altitudes ranging from 3,200 to 6,300 meters, Lauca is a natural paradise like no other.

Imagine sweeping landscapes punctuated by snow-capped volcanoes, high-altitude lakes that reflect the clear blue skies, and wide expanses of pampas dotted with vicuñas and alpacas. Lauca is a biodiverse haven, hosting hundreds of bird species, including the giant hummingbird and Andean condor.

One of the highlights here is Chungará Lake, one of the highest lakes in the world. The breathtaking sight of the lake’s calm waters against the backdrop of towering volcanoes is something that will remain etched in your memory long after your visit.

Pro Travel Tip: Acclimatize yourself to high altitudes gradually to prevent altitude sickness. Consider staying in the nearby town of Putre before exploring the park.


As we conclude our journey through the top 10 best places to visit in Chile, it’s clear to see how this country’s diverse landscapes, rich culture, and extraordinary wildlife make it a must-visit destination.

Whether you’re exploring the vibrant streets of Santiago, navigating the trails of Patagonia, discovering ancient cultures on Easter Island, or sipping on world-class wines in lush valleys, Chile offers experiences that cater to every kind of traveler.

These are just the highlights, the tip of the iceberg, of what Chile has to offer. Each city, each town, each winding trail holds a story waiting to be discovered, an experience waiting to be lived. And as you journey through Chile, you’ll not only discover the soul of this country but perhaps, a part of yourself too.

Chile awaits you, ready to welcome you into its world of wonders. All you have to do is take that first step. As they say in Chile, “¡Buen viaje!” – Have a good trip!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Time to Visit Chile?

The ideal time to visit Chile largely depends on the regions you plan to explore. However, the country’s summer months, from December to March, generally provide pleasant weather suitable for most activities.

Is Chile Safe for Travel?

Chile is considered one of the safest countries in South America. However, like with any travel, it is always recommended to take standard precautions, stay alert, and follow local regulations for a safe and enjoyable trip.

Do I Need a Visa to Travel to Chile?

The visa requirements for Chile vary based on your home country. Some visitors may be eligible for visa-free entry, while others may need to obtain a visa in advance. Always check the latest visa regulations before planning your trip.

What Language is Spoken in Chile?

The official language of Chile is Spanish. English is not widely spoken outside of major cities and tourist areas, so learning a few basic Spanish phrases can enhance your travel experience.

What is Traditional Chilean Food?

Chilean cuisine offers a mix of indigenous and European influences. Traditional dishes include empanadas, pastel de choclo (a corn and meat pie), and curanto (a hearty seafood stew). Don’t forget to try mote con huesillo, a popular summer drink made with peaches and wheat.

For more travel inspiration and to explore beyond Chile’s borders, don’t miss our comprehensive guide on the top destinations to visit in South America.

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